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"A Soothing treatment can help you unwind, but that's not all.
Explore the healing benefits of massage therapy and skin care."


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Aroma-Steam $20/30 Minutes
Envelop your body in an aromatic, cleansing and detoxifying steam to relax the body, melting your stress away. *Contraindications: pregnancy, high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, frail or sick.

Aroma-Steam + Bamboo Therapy $65/60 Minutes
This therapeutically relaxing treatment includes warm bamboo massage, dry brush exfoliation, steam treatment, then ending with light compression massage. *Contraindications: pregnancy, high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, frail or sick.

Pure Balance $60/60 Minutes
Balance the mind and sole with this therapeutically relaxing treatment. Neck, shoulder, scalp, facial massage. Finishing with Pedi-Bliss treatment.

Refreshing Facial Massage $45/40 Minutes
A gentle facial cleanse to remove surface impurities from the long day, light exfoliation to remove lifeless skin cells, restorative masque and finishing with a nourishing moisturizer. Includes neck and scalp massage.

Tension Tamer $40/40 Minutes
Melt tension with a therapeutically relaxing Neck, shoulder, scalp & facial massage. Aids in tension headache relief, soothes muscle tension and calms everyday stress.

Back & Neck $40/40 Minutes
Untie those knots with a relaxed deep tissue massage. Aromatic hot towel to soothe tense muscles. Warm bamboo to loosen those knots.

Pedi-Bliss Treatment $25/20 Minutes
Discover a complete body map link to the feet. Your feet will receive a gentle cleanse, exfoliation, and therapeutic massage to soothe and soften.