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Appointment Management

How can Clients use their MassageBook Account?

Clients can use their MassageBook accounts to:

1. Book appointments! They can book their own appointments by logging in with their unique email address and password that they chose when they created a  MassageBook Client account. There is no need for your clients to enter their information over and over again when booking. They simply sign in with their email address and password. Quick and easy!

2. Edit their appointments! They can change or cancel their appointment in their MassageBook client account. If these edits are attempted within the 24 hour Cancellation Terms and Conditions they agreed to, the option to change or cancel the appointment will not be available.

3. Leave a review! If they misplaced a review request email from your business, they still have an option to let you know just how wonderful of an experience they had! 

4. View Stuff! They can view their past and upcoming appointments, prepaid services, gift certificates, and account details. 

5. Send a message! Clients can send messages to you on MassageBook by utilizing the inbox messaging option.

How do I Create a MassageBook Client Account?

  • Navigate to www.massagebook.com and select Create Account. 
  • Select Create Public Account  under Massage Recipient:

  • Fill in the requested fields and select Create Account. You will use this unique email and password to log into your MassageBook account:

  • Check the Inbox of the email address you entered for your welcome email and click on the Confirm account button to activate your account.

  • Your Account is now active! You can now book appointments whenever you please, with whomever you please!